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JohnnyKnuckles' Mission:
We're here to Breakdown Walls and Make Dreams a Reality!

Primary Outlook/Vision:

To create the highest quality Athletic, Training, and Recreational Apparel and Gear for all Mankind.  Thus, allowing JohnnyKnuckles to create and support youth mentoring activities, plus install youth leadership and character development programs.

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About The Brand: About

“My JKM t-shirt is so bomb! The logo is fire and the knee deep truth meaning behind his goal is the growth in enriching the future with our patient! His mindset is mind blowing. He is a truly humble.”

Kristina Dixon LeMier

“Every time I wear my hoodie, I receive compliments on the design and quality. It is one of the coziest hoodies I have ever owned, and the service is excellent!”

Jodi Thomas

About The Brand: Testimonials
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